Planted forest area has increased by over 110 million hectares in the last 25 years, and accounts for 7 per cent of the world’s forest area, according to the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015

Plantations carry potential risks and benefits, depending on their placement and management. WWF’s Living Forests Model suggests that a projected 250 million hectares of new tree plantations are needed between 2010 and 2050 to meet increasing demand, so the potential impact of plantations is significant. 

Well managed plantations in the right places can help conserve biodiversity, protect natural forests and meet human needs while contributing to sustainable economic growth and local livelihoods. Plantations should not replace natural forests or other important natural ecosystems but rather be focused on degraded land, while safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. Plantations should also maintain ecosystem integrity, protect and enhance high conservation values, be developed through effective stakeholder involvement processes and contribute to economic growth and employment.

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Share your ideas on WHY well managed plantations matter and HOW they can contribute to conservation and local livelihoods.


Aderounmu Adeboyin Funmi 18-Mar-2016 15:29 GMT

Teaching forestry technology students the practice of silviculture in the management, protection and utilization of forest products .

Dere Agboola 15-Mar-2016 12:44 GMT

Make the best of the forest. Forests could be the largest source of income if well managed by people and governments.

Christopher Otim Komakech 15-Mar-2016 12:44 GMT

Facilitate use of improved genetic resources (seed/ clone) for commercial application. Work with private and public sectors, small growers and communities in the S. Highlands region in Tanzania.

Veneranda Msemwa 15-Mar-2016 12:44 GMT

Encourage all sectors from individuals, institutions and companies to change and focus on sustainable forest management for food economy growth and ecosystem sustenance.

He Yojun 15-Mar-2016 12:44 GMT

The environment should be considered when we develop plantations and it is important to reduce competition with other land such as natural forests.

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