Tenure Reform

Tenure reform, especially recognition of the customary rights of forest dependent people, is critical for the empowerment of these communities and to enable them to prevent unwanted extractive industries and settlers from destroying their forests.

Secure community tenure is a critical foundation for equitable and effective forest conservation efforts. Recognizing and respecting customary rights to lands, territories and resources enables more effective stewardship of forests and safeguards human rights.

Globally, the great majority of forest land is formally held by states, despite underlying customary claims, recognized roles and contributions of indigenous and local communities to forest stewardship, and limited contributions of state-controlled forests to local livelihoods. Over the past two decades, there has been a shift towards “tenure transition,” driven largely by social movements, recognition of limited state forest management capacities, and interest to contribute to local livelihood and development. Still, unclear and overlapping tenure remains common in forest areas.

Share your ideas on WHY tenure reform is important and HOW it can be implemented more widely and effectively.

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Vincent Onguso Olba
19-Mar-2016 20:18 GMT

Recognition and empowerment of women and youth to undertake land-based activities for improved livelihood.

Mzwandile Cege
15-Mar-2016 13:00 GMT

Balance the process. Economically we need to look at opportunities. The tenure reform is critical and this requires special attention. Social tenure and investment are also priorities.

Dr Ismail Aloo
15-Mar-2016 13:00 GMT

Land ownership is critical to conservation. When a village is assured of land ownership they will protect the forest resources.

John Mathese
15-Mar-2016 13:00 GMT

Community empowerment initiatives need to be taken seriously and bring people on board from the initiation stage when promulgating law and regulation that govern forestry, involve the community in management processes so as to make them feel that they are part of the process - bottom up approach.

Olufemi Aladanoza
15-Mar-2016 12:59 GMT

Governance that was missing in the NDG goals must be strengthened when it comes to forest management.

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