Investment in Locally Controlled Forestry

Investment in Locally Controlled Forestry

Share WHY investment in locally controlled forestry is important and HOW it can benefit forests and all the stakeholders involved.


Amini Tengeza 23-May-2016 17:41 GMT

through proper planning and involvement of stakeholders, LCF could significantly support a bigger scale of livelihood for the poor communities, and could be a vibrant strategy to conserve the threatened coastal forests. However, proper production and supply chains should be established with affirmative market opportunities.

Pa'ah Patrice André 09-Apr-2016 01:00 GMT

Support directly the rural economy and restore hope to participate in sustainable development

Barrack Ondanya 06-Apr-2016 15:29 GMT

Investment in Forest is important in that it improve forests cover in the region. This promote soil improvement as it prevent soil erosion. Trees are also income generating activity to local community. Apiaries are

Paul Osei-tutu 06-Apr-2016 12:08 GMT

Locally-controlled forestry is a good avenue for making forests and forest management useful for local people. This is essential for achieving local commitment to forest sustainability.

John Akinnuba 30-Mar-2016 07:13 GMT

Community Based REDD+ Project would provide best practice in the forestry sector, forests are more secured when community has is in control with vested interest

Community has the best knowledge of the evolution and changing dynamics of their forests. But communities lack basic knowledge of modern management technics. that is why we in CECD are working with Iyansan Community in Ondo State Nigeria to save over 70, 000 ha of rainforest, this is under the initiative of Niger Delta Forest For Life REDD+ Project in line with Nigeria REDD+ Program.

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