Forest-friendly Infrastructure

Forest-friendly Infrastructure

Share WHY forest friendly infrastructure is important and HOW it can be implemented more widely and effectively.


Luckya Pom 09-Jun-2017 05:55 GMT

How people help in there own way to make a big diffrence

A. Shishome 19-Mar-2016 20:21 GMT

Create awareness on how important trees and forests are in our daily life.

Michele Bozzain 15-Mar-2016 13:02 GMT

We need to ensure that forests have the capacity to adapt to future challenge and needs.

Nathaniel Amadhila 15-Mar-2016 13:02 GMT

Promote the use of recyclable materials; promote the replacement of trees cut down to make way for development.

Peter Umunay 15-Mar-2016 13:02 GMT

The important thing to do is to create a platform for dialogue where people with different interests come together and discuss what could be the common interest that will benefit both economic and social development and forest protection.