Valuing Ecosystem Services

Valuing Ecosystem Services

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Sebastião Francisco Alves 22-Feb-2018 19:25 GMT

We will only have a future if we recover the forests that protect the springs that will generate water for the next generations.

Augustin Berghöfer 31-Mar-2016 12:55 GMT

The distribution of different forest benefits to different people (or their access to them), and the changes in these benefit flows, can stimulate public interest, provide critical insights, and inform difficult trade-offs.
Check out for a hands-on methods navigator guiding through a range of instruments for scoping, assessing or valuing ecosystem services.
There is no need for detailed studies where well-informed approximations can fully serve the purpose. In our experience, supporting administrators in working with an ‚ecosystem service lens‘ is often more effective than conducting monetary valuations and hoping that numbers would speak for themselves.

Nabegh Ghazal Assuad 18-Mar-2016 15:50 GMT

Have awareness campaigns to show the benefits locals locals can take from natural habitats.

Joroe Makhlouta Alonso 15-Mar-2016 12:50 GMT

Make it possible for landowners to receive payment for environmental services in their properties; restore forests in the most important areas of the landscape - watersheds.

Ntando 15-Mar-2016 12:49 GMT

To preserve water one should recycle it by using in the garden and kitchen.

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