Reuse and Recycling

Reuse and Recycling

Share WHY reuse and recycling is important and HOW it can help safeguard forests.


John G. Aronson 14-Sep-2017 03:44 GMT

Re: Massive Recycling Effort
Would like to discuss our initial analysis of wood recycling of damaged housing, trees, and other wood waste in Houston and Florida. We are in contact with several large industrial entities for massive particle board production within a sustainability framework. Let me know with whom we can discuss.

JOHN G. Aronson, President
AATA International, Inc.

Eliseo Paiva 20-Dec-2016 16:48 GMT

I'm a graphic designer, so I want to know what kind of recicle paper can I use for the company that I working in. We use a lot of publicity printed on different type of paper, we want to know how we can save the world using recicle paper. Did you know type of it?.

Thanks a lot.

Emmanuelle 21-Mar-2016 15:11 GMT

How to scale up? Governments and cities have to put system - or better systems- in place: separate waste collection, for consumers but also small to large enterprises. General awareness needs to be raised. Companies can also put in place closed-loop system to recover their waste and directly re-use them, like packaging. Actually, there is no more waste, only ressources...

Julius Raomanyane 15-Mar-2016 13:15 GMT

Regulate destruction of forests through implementation of two pieces of forestry legislation - National Forest Act & National Forest Fire Act - that promote prevention of forest fires.

Paivi Salapakivi 15-Mar-2016 13:15 GMT

Improved resource efficiency - water, energy, raw materials and waste; new, innovative products compensating fossils

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