Responsible Purchasing

Responsible Purchasing

Share WHY responsible purchasing is important and HOW it can be scaled up.


Ks Nketiah 15-Mar-2016 13:09 GMT

Better inter-sectoral coordination.

Uta Jungernann 15-Mar-2016 13:09 GMT

We are working with WRI on the sustainable procurement guide for wood and paper board products, giving companies the right tools to make responsible choices and build informed sourcing policies.

Lisa Smyth 15-Mar-2016 13:09 GMT

Encourage all friends and family to find and buy FSC certified. Nearly all did not know about it untill I began working for FSC.

Emilie Sasseville 15-Mar-2016 13:08 GMT

If I know the wood I am buying is illegal I don't buy it. I look for the source of almost every product I buy at the grocery store and make sure I am making a sustainable choice