Diet Shift

Diet Shift

Share WHY a diet shift is important and HOW changing consumption patterns can help safeguard forests.


@millenialforest 29-Mar-2016 19:00 GMT

"Compared to plant-based foods, meat and dairy generally require more land for grazing or feed production to produce the same amount of calories or protein."

Forget about generally. Absolutely, exponentially. When you eat meat, you are climate change. #cowspiracy.

Marco Boscolo 24-Mar-2016 16:58 GMT

It is hard to imagine a solution that is at the same time good for your health, good for the planet, good for the hungry, good for forests and good for animals (yes, some people, including my kids, care about them too!). And it requires NO investments or big initiatives. You can do it now.

Emmanuelle Neyroumande 21-Mar-2016 09:50 GMT

Reducing meat consumption: an easy way to have better health, share limited ressources and reduce pressure on ecosystems. No need for complex international agreements, law implementation, investments...etc. THE quick solution all should thrive to use.

Ilze Saunders 15-Mar-2016 13:13 GMT

Support meat-free Monday; plant vegtable gardens for food security; tree plantings; waste-management; recycling; energy-efficient projects.

Olivia Yaskovitch 15-Mar-2016 13:13 GMT

Slowly I am transitioning to a raw vegan diet starting by cutting meat from my diet.

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