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Are we missing a solution? Tell us WHAT other solutions are needed to safeguard forests,
WHY they are important and HOW they can be implemented and/or scaled up.
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We see so many plastic bags being discarded everyday. Like sprout pencils at the botton of each bag  there should be some sort of water activated seed attached so when they are used in land filling or just thrown away, they grow plants. 

I think that number 1, we should make all packaging either glass, recycled paper or biodegradable plastics ( made from vegetables etc)

recycling should be stricter in France and people should be rewarded with paying less tax when they recycle to give incentives.

grocery shops shouldnt be allowed to sell toxic products. Washing liquids. Pool cleaning products. Toilet cleaners, insect repellents etc. This way the factories will be forced to creat products which are ecological and animal friendly.


In every school when we are young (thinking of kidschool bug can Also be implanted in High school.) One day when all school student go to plant a tree or go to cleab a polluated place. 

The greatest problem in protecting forests by regulations is met at implementation level, as in many countries existing laws are in principle quite adequate to assure protection. There are often many authorities in charge of land management, and forest and nature protection. That's good for assuring cross-control but it can generate conflict of authority and disperse resources. Officials in charge of control are usually too few, under paid, with little resources and equipment, exposed to threat and bribery from gangs and strong economic interests. They can be efficient in monitoring, but already impaired to scale up to inspection, with almost no power when sanctioning is the case. Therefore they are forced to require police collaboration when those problems are met. And police is seldom available and trained for dealing with those issues. As a matter of fact prosecution of deforestation violations are rare and punishment even more so. The solution proposed is to institutionalize a specialized corps within the police (or a new one endowed with full police power) in charge of control and enforcement of forest and environmental regulations, responding to the needs of the authorities in charge of forest and environmental policy, with direct responsibility and relation with the judiciary system.

The general consensus on the negative action that a free-market economy has on natural forest cover (land uses alternative to natural forest are normally more rentable for the private actor) hides the vast array of incentives by which governments (by own initiative or paid by international aid) stimulate deforestation. Often those incentives alone cause greater pressure on forests than policies the same governments implement for forest protection, with a resulting negative balance. E. g.:

Incentives and tax discount or exemption to agriculture (economy sector most responsible for deforestation) with respect to other economy sectors.

Incentives and tax discount or exemption to rural communities (those most responsible for deforestation).

Policies against urbanization: that keep lot of people to survive on low-productivity land that would be better devoted to a lesser degree of exploitment.

Incentives and tax discount or exemption to the use of biofuels (fovoring demand of firewood and of cropland).

Laws that recognize land-rights only on "used" land (in many countris where deforestation is rampant land users are compelled to burn/cut the forest to show that they give any use to it in order to confirm themselves as farmers/entrepreneurs to the authorities in charge of ownership rights recognition). Laws that sanction confiscation for "not used" land.

Infrastructures (roads, dams, etc.) that impact directly and indirectly (through colonization) on forests.

Promote the use of bamboo as an alternative to wood, This provides employment through adoption of adequate value chains of bamboo uses. It is also a source of local investment of local artisans, women and youth.
Deforestation in Africa is due to necessity - people have no other source of fuel, so I think we need to invest in other sources of energy.
Reach out beyond the forest sector, raise public awareness and alert politicians. Partner with energy and agriculture sections responssible for deforesation.
There should be colloboration between the community adjacent to the forest and capacity building of that particular community so that they can begin to think proactively about the forest.
There should be strict laws against deforestation; expansion of settlements should be controlled as to not tamper with natural habitats; have roadshows to enlighten people about the effects of deforestation and climate change; have people plant one more tree per year.